Data science is not rocket science. Thanks to technology’s advances, you can put today’s most innovative technical solutions to work in your organization and solve complex problems using custom machine learning applications. Whether you want to upgrade your enterprise’s range of capabilities or maximize customer experience, you can unleash data science’s power.

With our in-depth experience in complex problem solving and business transformation, we at WizInsights provide data consulting services to help companies derive value from raw datasets. Add competitive functionality for greater customer satisfaction, automate internal processes, or peer into the future – all on the bedrock of custom-built machine learning algorithms engineered on the foundation of your own data. Our machine learning experts will immerse themselves in your business processes and industry specifics to discover the main problems and offer solutions to them. Then, applying their skills in data analytics, machine learning models, and algorithms, they will help you decipher what data is telling you. In the end, you will be using a custom ML algorithm to continuously gather analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Complex problem solving and Business Transformation
  • Data Consulting Services to derive falue from raw data
  • Automate Internal Processes
  • Custom Build Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Analytical Insights and make data-driven decisions

Machine Learning Overview

Having machines do complex, repetitive work previously pulled off only by humans is no longer wishful thinking. Thanks to machine learning developments, we can now reach formerly unfathomed levels of automation and data processing to obtain previously unseen information about our environment – all without the intrusion of our busy human brains. The current pace of digital disruption suggests that today the tech industry is experiencing the golden mean – companies are rapidly adopting machine learning, but the market still lacks competition.

Machine learning experts at WizInsights will help you adopt state-of-the-art practices and elevate your product or service among your rivals. By leveraging complex statistical methods and expertise in a range of ML algorithms and models including Deep Learning, we develop end-to-end machine learning solutions for your particular business needs.

Our Machine Learning Expertise

Computer Vision

Extract useful information from images and surroundings for face recognition, biometrics, transportation, AR, and other use cases with computer vision algorithms.

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Customer Analytics

Teach machines to understand text and speech as humans do, extract meaningful information, find topics in text documents, answer questions to automate customer service or build chatbots.

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Recommandation Systems

Recommender systems Use the technology responsible for growing conversions in Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify. Provide your users with the most relevant content, deliver a personalized customer experience.

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Predictive Analysis

Glimpse into the future with the help of past and present data. Eliminate guesswork and learn how your organization, customers, or the whole industry will change in the future.

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Natural Language Processing - NLP

Analyze behavior, find data patterns, build a customer segmentation model to allow better targeting, personalization, and overall customer experience.

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Anomly Detection

Identify abnormal behavior to detect fraud, security issues, information breaches, medical problems, structural defects, and other malfunctions.

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AI Solutions For Industries

Join industry giants by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, methods, and algorithms. Work with experts that have been uncovering AI power in Telecommunication, Travel & Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, eCommerce, and Finance

  • Computer Vision - Object Detection
  • Conversational Analytical Tool - NLP Based
  • Sentiment Analylsis for Telco
  • Predictive Analysis for Elections
  • Predictive Analysis for Manufacturing

Business Intelligence

Combine all your knowledge into a smart analytics tool with dashboards, visualizations, and custom indicators. Make your organization inherently data-driven by integrating intelligent decision-making.

Offering database design, data modeling, dashboarding, and reports automation services a valuable addition to our IT services.

Database design:
This involves the creation of a database that is optimized for performance, scalability, and security. This can include designing tables, indexes, and relationships to ensure data is stored efficiently and can be easily accessed and queried.

Data modeling:
This involves creating a conceptual model of the data to be stored in the database, including entities and relationships, to ensure the data is accurate, consistent, and can be easily understood.

This involves creating visual representations of data, such as charts and graphs, to help users easily understand and analyze data. Dashboards can be interactive and allow users to drill down into specific data points.

Reports automation:
This involves automating the process of generating reports, such as scheduling reports to be generated at specific intervals, and distributing them to specific users or groups. This can save time and improve efficiency.

Big Data Consulting

Tame your data by transforming it from raw numbers into answers you can apply in business.

  • Professional delivers solutions
  • Services complex problems bringing
  • Strategy works with senior executives

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