Wiz Cash & Carry

Wiz Cash & Carry is an all-in-one software product designed for small and medium-sized businesses to manage cashbook, accounts, sales, purchases, and invoicing. It provides a cashbook module to track cash transactions, an accounts module for financial reporting, a sales module to manage sales orders, and a purchase module to track inventory expenses. With invoicing capabilities, businesses can easily create and manage invoices and track payment status, making Wiz Cash & Carry a comprehensive solution to streamline financial processes and increase efficiency.

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Wiz Australian Tax Assistant ChatBot

The Australian Tax Assistant chatbot simplifies tax-related inquiries for Australian taxpayers, offering instant guidance on tax filing, deductions, and compliance, enhancing overall tax-filing efficiency and accuracy. Start a conversation and explore the power of AI.

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Wiz Attendance

Simplify attendance tracking with Wiz Attendance, offering robust Student, Teacher, and Administrator management alongside comprehensive Attendance and Reporting features. Seamlessly record and manage attendance data in real-time, streamlining attendance management for businesses and organizations.

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Wiz Smart Homes

Wiz Smart Homes offers a range of innovative products to automate and control your home's lighting, temperature, and security with ease. With our intuitive app and voice control compatibility, you can manage your smart home from anywhere, at any time. From energy-saving LED bulbs to smart cameras and thermostats, Wiz Smart Homes has everything you need to create a more connected and convenient home.

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Data Science & Blockchain Products

We buil the advance level products for data science computer vision like Object Detection which you can integrate to any builting solution. Snagging the Parking Space. Blockchain based supply chain.

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Blockchain Based Supply Chain

Our products covers the Asset Management, Participants, Customers, Distributors, Retailors and Transactions. REST APIs are avilable to build to communicate with external legacy systems.

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